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Software for Virtual Reality in mechanical engineering

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The core topic of Industry 4.0 is, in addition to predictive maintenance and service (keyword: predictive maintenance), the comprehensive visualization of machines and systems. Recently, this has increasingly been possible with augmented, mixed and virtual reality applications.

In our case, it's door2vr - our software solution for virtual reality in service management.

door2vr impresses not only with the comprehensive and interactive visualization of machines and systems in virtual space, but also with simple and plug-in free replay in the browser. The application is based on the relatively new technology WebVR and can be accessed directly in the browser without installing plug-ins or applications.

Areas of Application

  • Virtual Showrooms
  • Virtual Sales
  • Virtual Service Assistant

door2vr makes it easy to look inside virtual machines and assemblies, to rotate, explode, and move them. All you need is a conventional VR kit, as commercially available from HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or Samsung, and docking the system to the design data. Afterwards, the users can navigate through the virtual showroom, move the object or receive product-specific information, such as technical information, maintenance instructions and images from product marketing or videos.

If you have questions about the product structure or in-depth information, you can also contact a Virtual Service Assistant using the controller. The Assistant is connected via livestream in the virtual space and can thus provide specific and detailed information.

Virtual Showrooms for Service, Maintenance, Marketing & Sales

The advantages of Virtual Reality in mechanical and plant engineering are mainly in the training and maintenance area: The individual machines can be disassembled into their individual parts, rotated and precisely visualized, and equipped with further virtual information. Not only for optimal visualization, but at the same time build a deeper understanding of machines and their use.

In addition, VR applications represent a varied alternative to working on the screen, for example, to study machines, assemblies and correspondingly stored service information in more detail and to gain a better insight into the product structure.

In marketing and sales, these functions can also be helpful for product presentations with customers or interested parties: Whole machines can easily and quickly be inspected using VR glasses – without any transportation costs.

The jury of the Austrian IT Business Award eAward also recognized the great potential of our solution for service, maintenance and distribution and in the spring of 2018 named door2vr the winner of the "Industry 4.0" category. door2vr scored above all in technical realization and wealth of detail. According to the jury, the application represents a sustainable development for the economy.


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