Softwarelösung für Webshops und eCommerce

Software for technical eCommerce and webshops

door2shop is specially optimized for the needs of B2B and B2C eCommerce solutions and combines everything you need to successfully sell your products online: A modern, visually appealing and adaptable shop system with a comprehensive range of functions. It is possible to link door2shop with our software for electronic spare parts catalogs (door2parts) by using our cross-selling module door2cross.  So users are able to buy spare parts, as well as articles and accessories in one order process.

Online shop with convincing functionalities

door2shop supports all relevant processes based on modern technologies, from the mapping of a central product hierarchy to a global order processing and allows to use functions that are known and assumed by every established shop system. Like: dimensions, reference articles, document assignments, image and 360 ° representations, deep zoom, article mapping, language diversity, different payment and shipping options and for example an order directly from a PDF catalog (PDF flip catalogs).

Ideal cross-selling functionalities can be achieved with our module door2cross, which links spare parts components with articles, accessories and sales materials.

Functionality overview

  • Language diversity (UNICODE)
  • Responsive Design
  • public and protected areas / different types of registration
  • order functionalities
  • different shipping and payment options
  • Tracking Number System
  • SEO

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