Softwarelösung für elektronische Ersatzteilkataloglösung

Software for electronic spare parts catalog

door2parts is our solution for efficient spare parts management - an interactive online / offline spare parts catalog including variant resolution and dimension management. The modular design allows individual customization options depending on the customer's requirements and is characterized by its ease of use and eCommerce functionality (door2shop).

Create interactive parts catalogs with door2parts

For an interactive spare parts catalog the data is either imported via interfaces (ERP, PLM / PDM) or manually entered by using our editorial system. Some customers use door2parts as a content management system for spare parts documentation and only take over the material master from ERP systems such as SAP ERP ECC, Microsoft Dynamics, Infor, ProAlpha, IFS and others.

In addition, complete bill of materials from interfaces can be taken into door2parts. This is mainly the case when using PDM / PLM systems. If such systems are not available, Excel and ASCII lists can be loaded using the Import Wizard quickly and inexpensively into door2parts. In practice, these methods are often combined by our customers, which is why door2parts is considered as one of the most flexible and future-proof systems on the market.

Graphics can be read directly from common image formats. Hotspots (interactive areas in the image) are taken from source systems or are created using the already built-in door2parts hotspot-editor. CAD data is exported as SVG files from systems such as 3DVia Composer, which also enables the integration of interactive 3D models in the spare parts catalog (3D module).

The basic version includes:

  • system tools (maintenance, support, log files, settings, setup)
  • user administration (headquarter, country organization, dealer, service technician, user)
  • authorization system
  • 2-factor authentication

The door2parts catalog module includes:

  • Content Management system
  • catalog versioning and generation
  • adaptable standard interface
  • catalog exchange to other d2p applications (e.g., merchants)
  • pricing
  • vailability check
  • basket
  • Hotspoteditor
  • document management

More Modules